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Georgia Intellectual Property Lawyers

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In today’s Internet-fueled, information economy, ideas flow more freely than ever before. While that may bode well for creativity and innovation, it also significantly raises the stakes for those seeking to protect their intellectual property from unauthorized use.

Individuals and business entities throughout Georgia have come to rely on the seasoned litigation counsel of Chambless, Higdon, Richardson, Katz & Griggs, LLP, a Macon and Atlanta-based firm representing parties to intellectual property litigation in the state. Our firm is rooted in a tradition of legal excellence, while at the same time maintaining a commitment to staying at the cutting edge of the legal field. In the area of intellectual property like few others, this combination of tradition and forward thinking is critical to helping clients protect their legal and financial interests.

Protect Your Ideas. Protect Your Bottom Line.

Our firm handles legal claims arising from disputes over common intellectual property, including trade secrets and trademarks/service marks. In many cases, individual entrepreneurs or business owners will learn suddenly of misappropriation of intellectual property, resulting in uncertainty over how to proceed to best protect their legal rights.

The value of our experienced attorneys is in knowing how to respond quickly yet resolutely, simultaneously developing a robust litigation strategy in the event the other side is determined in its course of action. In intellectual property disputes as in all civil litigation, it is essential to come prepared for a protracted legal fight, but that does not stop our legal team from working to win the war for our clients as quickly as possible.

Whether you suspect your intellectual property has been compromised or you have been accused of misappropriating intellectual property, turn to attorneys well-versed in the relevant law and ready to help you respond. Schedule a consultation by calling 478-745-1181 or complete our online contact form.