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Macon Attorneys For Corporate Law Practice

Times of transition call for clarity and skilled guidance. Georgia’s businesses turn to Chambless, Higdon, Richardson, Katz & Griggs, LLP, for effective legal representation at every fork in the road to business success.

Assistance With Business Formation Matters

New business owners confront a maze of decisions long before opening day. Merely assessing and selecting among the various business entities can prove a daunting task, to say nothing of the array of business contracts and other arrangements that must be made in the first months of a new enterprise.

Our firm’s attorneys skillfully guide new business owners at every turn. We consult entrepreneurs in selecting the business structure best adapted to their long-term needs and goals, and help in navigating Georgia’s bureaucracy whenever necessary. We can also provide representation in the negotiation, review and execution of the many business contracts that are vital to the success and smooth operations of any new business.

Guidance In Facing Challenges And Opportunities

It is easy to view forks in the road as either opportunities for growth or challenges to your business’ success. In reality, they can be either — and what makes the difference is the quality of legal representation you have to help you plan for what’s next.

Whether pursuing a merger with another business, selling off a unit of the business, dividing a business into several smaller entities or winding down entirely, business owners can count on our firm’s experienced business lawyers to protect their most substantial business interests and shield them whenever possible from financial liability.

While smooth, conflict-free results are always our end goal, our attorneys also recognize that some situations cannot be resolved without resorting to litigation. As a litigation-focused firm, we work with every client hopeful for the best but always prepared for the worst when it comes to successfully resolving partnership disputes, shareholder claims or other legal challenges in their favor.

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