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Georgia Lawyers For Creditor Bankruptcy

“Something is better than nothing.” While this may not be the ideal business adage, as a bankruptcy creditor, it is an undeniable reality.

Effective legal counsel in bankruptcy litigation will focus on helping clients maximize their financial standing in the face of complete discharge of debts. It will also aim to do so in both a time- and cost-effective manner, giving clients peace of mind that their financial bottom line is being carefully monitored.

This is the results-focused counsel that banks, other lending institutions and businesses throughout Georgia count on from Chambless, Higdon, Richardson, Katz & Griggs, LLP. As a litigation-focused firm, our legal team is no stranger to the complexities and high-stakes nature of bankruptcy claims. Recognizing that our clients turn to us to zealously represent their financial interests when they are threatened by an individual or business bankruptcy, we aim to deliver.

Debtors frequently attempt to offload what assets they do have prior to filing for a bankruptcy, a situation that can unfairly favor some creditors over others. Through creditor preference claims and other legal action, we can help lenders and other businesses that may initially find themselves on the losing end of bankruptcy proceedings.


Success in bankruptcy litigation requires a well-crafted strategy — which in turn requires speaking with a qualified creditor’s rights lawyer as soon as possible. Schedule a consultation with our attorneys by sending an email, or call 478-745-1181. Our firm has offices in Macon and Atlanta and represents clients throughout northern Georgia.